Protein: The Basics

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In the health and fitness industry, protein seems to be on the lips of everyone. You know what; it’s a very important macro-nutrient which still has a big role to play in the body.

What is a protein?


Protein plays a big role in the body, why? Simple the amino acid, which is what a protein is when broken down, has a number of roles to play. These include helping to support lean muscle tissue to be repaired. It also helps in the production of hormones and enzymes within the body, and supports immune function. Once you start to exercise, the requirements for amount of protein will be higher compared to sedentary individuals. As I have pointed out, protein can actually increase metabolism. Why? Because it takes energy (calories) to maintain lean muscle mass at rest. This may allow you to lose more body fat.

Ask yourself this. How much do you have in your current diet?


What sources can we obtain protein from?


If you are a meat eater (not a vegetarian) then your selection of protein sources is a lot wider. Selections of foods include: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Eggs, dairy products, Fish

If you are a vegetarian then selections will be a lot more restricted but you can still get your protein requirements. Selections include: Quinoa, Soy, Quorn, and Beans

If you are Vegan, the selections again are much based on stuff which is grown. Protein requirements are still able to be made based on your current needs. Such choices include: Nuts, Vegetables and lentils are examples available

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