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Time is a precious time. So to maximise time available to yourself, often some people want a quick workout which will If you’re time-pressed, don’t want to think too much, want to toast fat, build stamina then i would like to introduce HIIT. Also known as High-Intensity Interval Training


At its core, HIIT involves switching between intensely focused bursts of activity and relatively calm motion – the continuous motion keeps the heart rate elevated, which is the key. Ultimately, you’ll set the level, but the most critical point is that you push yourself into the dreaded anaerobic zone (No oxygen).

But, be sure to listen to your body; if you’ve not trained for some time, you’ll likely find that your version of ‘interval training’ involves alternating between power walking and jogging. Others will manage to sprint and then sprint faster.

Finding your level and then slightly exceeding it is the whole point of HIIT, for me.

So let me give you a little HIIT workout which you can repeat on your own without going to a gym or haven’t got the time to go but still wanting to train.

Ready for it:

Get your trainers, put your music on

If you outside, then use the lamp posts as your makers

For example:

Walk between your first lamp post and the second lamp post

After increase intensity by going for a quicker pace

Repeat as many times as you want but for me, i would suggest to go no longer than 20 minutes

As you get fitter and stronger, increase the intensity

Yours in Health,

90 Days to Change

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